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MEK-Trans Oy Ab

MEK-Trans Oy Ab

has a specialized top team to take care of domestic Container transportations in Finland. Its service is known as reliable and flexible to meet the customer’s needs in due time. As one of the biggest service providers within this industry in Finland, MEK-Trans is serving it’s customers in high-grade solutions
– since 1989.

Monipuoliset merikonttikuljetukset Suomessa

Wide-Ranging Container Transportations in Finland

All Container types, Sideloader services as well as special transports (OOG) are included in our daily production. Our clients consist of International Shipping Lines, Logistic Service Providers as well as International Freight Forwarders. Container haulages in export and import with a fleet of more than 70 trucks.

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Operations Manager & Transport coordinator
Peter Sonntag, +358 40 580 1172

Transport coordinator
Mikko Arola, +358 40 198 5388

Order reception, Customer service
Minna Pääskysmäki, +358 40 589 2302

Customer service
Jaana Aaltonen, +358 400 794 999

Invoicing, Sales
Pauliina Aaltonen, +358 400 541 788

Order processing
Sanna Kuitunen, +358 40 531 4110

Peggy Sihvonen, +358 400 988 188

MD, Sales
Kari Päivelin, +358 40 765 8901

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Address: Työpajatie 40, 06150 Porvoo, Finland

Phone: +358 20 778 0780
Dejour: +358 400 908 876
Fax: +358 20 778 0781


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The professional experience together with our diverse vehicles ensure seamless process to our customer’s satisfaction.